During the first installation of ASA2 I get the message “install failed” from WordPress. What could be the reason?

First, please make sure that you are using the file amazon-simple-affiliate.zip that you downloaded from getasa2.com/your-account/

If the upload fails in the WordPress plugin manager, it could be for one of these reasons:

  • The file was corrupted during download. To exclude this case, please try if you can unzip file on your computer. If this is not possible, please download the file again and try to unzip it again. If this still does not work, please create a support ticket.
  • The file is larger than the WP upload limit. If this is the case, please ask your webhost if it can be increased.

If you still cannot install ASA2 using the WordPress plugin upload feature, the recommended way is to try the FTP upload. How this works is explained on this page: https://docs.getasa2.com/installation.html#installing-via-ftp