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Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA2) is a plugin for WordPress which lets you easily and flexibly embed affiliate links in your pages. Use the pre-installed Amazon affiliate program or create other affiliate shops, e.g. based on data feeds, yourself.

After the popular ASA1, ASA2 has been rewritten from scratch and is being improved continuously since then. It contains a wealth of features, is much more handy to use, achieves faster page loading times and is on the cutting edge of technology.


PA API 5.0

ASA2 supports the latest version of Amazon’s Product Advertising API (PA API) so that the product data on your website will always be up to date.

CSV Files

To support affiliate systems that do not have an API, ASA2 can import and automatically synchronize product data on a CSV basis.

Special support for data feeds is implemented in the CSV import feature. This allows access to countless advertisers of this affiliate network.


ASA2 is not limited to Amazon. It can be extended with other affiliate program providers.

PHP 8 compatible

ASA2 is fully compatible with PHP 8 and is regularly tested with all current versions.

AMP Support

ASA2’s managed templates are prepared for AMP. Custom templates can also be adjusted for the use on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


Keyword Search

With ASA2’s keyword search, you can display the results of an Amazon product search on your site. Combined search filters allow you to fine tune the results for your target group. Once set up, new products appear regularly.

Single Images

With ASA2 you can select single images from all available Amazon product pictures and embed them into your pages. ASA2 has ready-made templates for this purpose, which you can customize according to your wishes.

Ratings Stars

ASA2 has the ability to display rating stars. It supports the CustomerReviews values Count and StarRating introduced by PA API 5.


Managed Templates

ASA 2 includes a variety of beautiful templates ready for use.  The best part is, they are kept up to date with every ASA 2 update, so you never have to worry about them yourself.



The managed templates offer a variety of options for adjusting their appearance, thus allowing anyone without programming skills to customize the look of embedded products.


Product Picker

ASA 2’s powerful product selector helps you find the right Amazon products directly in your WordPress post editor.  Additionally, it creates the right short code for you.


Products Section

In ASA2’s dedicated products section you can store and organize products permanently in WordPress. This also serves as a buffer to avoid unnecessary requests to the Amazon API.


Dynamic Templates

ASA 2 comes with a powerful template syntax which lets you dynamically interact with the contents of placeholders.


Translated Templates

ASA 2 includes a custom solution to translate templates. You can perfectly adjust the templates to internationalized products and visitors.



ASA 2 is able to recognize the origin of a visitor and to load the product from the Amazon store of the country of his origin. Hence you will not miss any sale!



Optimize the access time of your pages by pre-loading product data via server side cronjobs.



ASA 2 can notify you about not available products. Do not miss any sale when visitors click products which can not be bought currently.


Multi Caching

ASA 2 utilizes multiple caches, e.g. the template and object cache. They can be configured to meet your demands. Pros can even use PHP „Memchached“.

Local Images

ASA2 has the ability to download external Amazon product images to the local WordPress Media Library and use the internal URLs before delivering the contents to the visitor. This keeps the visitor IP on your server.



For even faster page load times, products can be loaded via asynchronous AJAX requests. Optionally with nice CSS3 loading animations.


Included product templates

Check out the template demo page



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High level of customer satisfaction

High level of customer satisfaction

Check the customer ratings

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