1.14.0 (2020-10-03)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: API stats recording and widget. Use option "Logging / Record API stats" to activate it
  • Added: Client-side request limit handling to reduce "TooManyRequests" API error
  • Added: Repo function "ASIN usage" now supports collections (#121)
  • Added: Option to enter a custom price for Repo items
  • Added: Option to enter a custom rating for Repo items (#120)
  • Added: Option for price disclaimer default timestamp format
  • Added: Cronjob metabox in section "Service" which contains helpful information about cronjob setup
  • Changed: Updated managed templates to support custom price and rating
  • Changed: Increased the default Repo item lifetime from one to six hours to prevent unnecessary API requests for average use cases. Reduce it again if necessary.
  • Fixed: Placeholder {$CustomerReviewsURL} is working again
  • Fixed: Repo ASIN search did not work in some cases

1.13.6 (2020-08-16)

  • Fixed: An error that occurred when using ASA2's notifications, WP 5.5 and the plugin WPMailSMTP
  • Fixed: Line break issue with PA API requests on Windows servers (#118)

1.13.5 (2020-08-07)

  • Fixed: The unavailability of products was incorrectly calculated in the context of price variations (#125)
  • Fixed: The Repo status of products was set to invalid if the API request returned an error, even if it had nothing to do with the product. Pending a better solution, this behaviour is suspended for the time being.
  • Fixed: The price range for products with variations could not be calculated in all cases (#124)
  • Fixed: Keyword search did still not support {{ Brand }} placeholder 😉
  • Fixed: Avoiding an infinite loop when using the internationalization feature in combination with demo user

1.13.4 (2020-06-05)

  • Added: Shortcode option "id" which can be used to place a custom CSS id attribute on the outer container of managed templates (#111)
  • Fixed: The separation of the individual caches did not work correctly
  • Fixed: The display of images did not work in section "TestSuite / Placeholders".
  • Fixed: Keyword search did not support {{ Brand }} placeholder

1.13.3 (2020-05-14)

  • Fixed: Code changes to ensure compatibility with PHP 5.6 which is no longer officially supported. Please use at least PHP 7.1!

1.13.2 (2020-05-10)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: Support for Amazon Product Advertising API Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey, United Arab Emirates
  • Added: Image placeholders {{ MainImageURL }}, {{ MainImageWidth }}, {{ MainImageHeight }} (Read more)
  • Added: "Embed" link on repo articles to show some sample short codes for embedding
  • Added: Shortcode option "repo_id" to be able to bind a shortcode to a Repo item. Available for asa2, asa2_img and asa2_textlink
  • Added: Option "img" for shortcode [asa2] which lets you define an alternate main image (Read more) (#69)
  • Changed: The HTML code of the managed templates was simplified by outsourcing template logic to PHP preprocessors.
  • Fixed: If the lowest and highest variation price are identical, only one price is displayed (#83)
  • Fixed: Proxy hosts now also support names (instead of IP addresses) (#90)
  • Fixed: Managed templates "Horizontal_box", "Book", "Music" and "Movie" did not support Title shortening via option "title_length" (#93)
  • Fixed: The rendering of templates in category descriptions did not work (#95)
  • Fixed: Product Picker only loaded the first page of search results with API 5. Now page 1 - 10 works again. (#80)
  • Fixed: Template rendering issues with PHP 7.4 (missing whitespace) (#89)
  • Fixed: Managed tempaltes displayed the savings amount twice (because the content of the placeholder has changed with PA API 5)
  • Fixed: The URL importer automatically parsed the product ratings, which could lead to delays and aborts. This can now be activated optionally. (#99)
  • Fixed: Optimized CSS for managed template Carousel (#86)
  • Fixed: The price placeholders ...PriceAmount could contain a wrong value

1.13.1 (2020-03-08)

  • Changed: Standard version of the PA API set to 5, so that 5 is automatically selected for a new installations

1.13.0 (2020-02-28)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: Keyword Search Feature. Currently usable with the shortcut asa2_keywords. A GUI element will follow.
  • Added: Function to directly process an item in advanced ratings mode (link "Process now" in ratings table)
  • Added: PHP function "asa2_get_variations" to perform PA API 5 operation GetVariations
  • Added: New options section "Product Picker" to adjust the Product Picker's behavior
  • Added: Button to clear Associate ID sets cache which was missing so far
  • Added: Support for price variations with PA API 5. While in beta, activate option "Advanced / Handle price variations with PA API 5" to use it.
  • Changed: Improved managed template "Flex_1" compatibility with WP theme Twenty Twenty
  • Changed: Moved option "Hide managed in picker" from options section "Templates" to new section "Product Picker"
  • Changed: Improved managed template "Sortable_table_2" for mobile display
  • Fixed: Optimization of the log entry cleanup process that could lead to database deadlocks
  • Fixed: Logging option "Log API request URL" did not work with PA API 5
  • Fixed: Cache optimization for associate ID sets and template translations
  • Fixed: Placeholder {{ SalesRank }} contained an empty array with PA API 5 if no sales rank data was present. Now it contains null in that case.

1.12.5 (2019-11-26)

  • Fixed: Issue with Single Image feature. The first product image was not displayed with API 5. (#67)
  • Fixed: Issue with scale effect of managed template Flat_box_horizontal
  • Fixed: Proxy list was not sortable by date of addition

1.12.4 (2019-11-12)

  • Fixed: Improved compatibility with other plugins

1.12.3 (2019-11-11)

  • Changed: Setup form improved. The API connection test is now executed only once per hour
  • Fixed: Support for book placeholders {{ Author }}, {{ AuthorArray }}, {{ AuthorHtmlList }}, {{ NumberOfPages }}, {{ ISBN }}, {{ Edition }}
  • Fixed: PHP warning that could occur when encrypting the API secret key and license key

1.12.2 (2019-10-30)

  • Fixed: Improvements to avoid class conflicts with other plugins that also use PA API 5.0

1.12.1 (2019-10-23)

  • Fixed: Minor improvements regarding PA API 5.0

1.12.0 (2019-10-22)

  • Important Change!: In the course of the changes to support the PA API 5.0 a lot of code was changed and added. If you encounter problems or conflicts with other plugins during installation, please contact support (
  • New: Support for PA API 5.0 which is mandatory from November 2019 on. Check the PA API 5.0 Blog Post
  • Changed: Requires PHP 5.5. Please note that this version is already "End of life" (see supported PHP versions). Please upgrade to a current PHP version (currently at least 7.1)
  • Changed: Managed templates were checked and revised with regard to PA API 5.0 compatibility.
  • Fixed: When using the shortcode [asa2_img], the first image was not loaded if the "img" option was missing. (#52)
  • Fixed: Placeholders {{ LastItemUpdate }} and {{ LastItemUpdateBlogFormat }} were empty if item was loaded via API.
  • Fixed: An AMP CSS issue.
  • Fixed: Option "country_code" of the item refresh cronjob did not handle multiple country codes properly (separated by comma).

1.11.0 (2019-09-06)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: Support for WP Cron API for ASA2's product refresh cronjob (Read more) (#14)
  • Added: New option to debug cronjob execution
  • Added: New option to limit the feature text length for managed templates ("Feature text max length") (#38)
  • Changed: Dependencies updated for managed template "Sortable_table_2"
  • Fixed: The three points for shortening the description text with "Read more" link were no longer displayed (#41)
  • Fixed: Memory limit problem that rarely occurred when rendering templates (#42)
  • Fixed: Managed template option "custom_css" did not work as expected (#44)

1.10.8 (2019-07-14)

  • Fixed: Repo import did not work with search URLs (#33)
  • Changed: Improvements to the topic "RequestThrottled" (#35)
  • Changed: The URL format of text links is now adjusted to the format settings under "Options / Templates" (#34)

1.10.7 (2019-05-05)

  • Added: Function to import text list of proxies (host:port) (#ASA2-24)
  • Fixed: Issue with plugin AMPforWP (since caused fatal error on AMP pages (#ASA2-52)

1.10.6 (2019-03-20)

  • Added: Added a new option to set a fixed pause in seconds between two API requests when using the Repo items refresh cronjob in "Options / Advanced" (#ASA2-48)
  • Added: Added a new command line option "pause" for the Repo items refresh cronjob (#ASA2-48)
  • Added: Added a warning for the option to use shortened links because it can lead to partner program exclusion (#ASA2-45)
  • Changed: Repo option "Request limits handling" gets activated by default on new installations (#ASA2-46)
  • Fixed: Editor button now works in Gutenberg's "Classic" block (#ASA2-47)

1.10.5 (2019-03-03)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: New option "image size" for templates "Flat_box_vertical" and "Flat_box_horizontal" (#ASA2-33)
  • Added: New option for template "Flex_1" to show prime logo with price (default is on) (#ASA-28)
  • Added: New option "Custom CSS" for every every managed template
  • Changed: All templates now have the same options for price and affiliate link disclaimers and these are enabled by default
  • Fixed: A bug with "Flat_box_vertical" and "Flat_box_horizontal" alignment (#ASA2-29)
  • Fixed: The template "Flat_box_vertical" was not displayed 100% width on mobile devices (#ASA2-31)
  • Fixed: Price disclaimer popup flickered at Flat_box_* in combination with hover effect (#ASA2-44)
  • Fixed: "Flex_1" had some problems on AMP pages (#ASA2-38)

1.10.4 (2019-02-03)

  • Added: Product Picker preserves last result and settings (#ASA2-12)
  • Added: New option to hide managed templates from templates admin section (see Options / Templates) (#ASA2-16)
  • Added: New option to edit managed templates which can be used together with support to fix issues until they will be delivered with the next update (#ASA2-17)
  • Added: New option for "Reset queue" button to remove items from rating queue that no longer exists in the Repo (#ASA2-26)
  • Added: The repo usage option now also supports text links (#ASA2-27)
  • Changed: If new articles are saved in the repo (via frontend) and the advanced ratings mode is used, the articles are sorted at the beginning of the ratings queue. (#ASA2-1)
  • Changed: Improved managed template "Carousel": smoother loading and same height of slides.
  • Changed: New options for managed template "Flex_1" to achieve same height for all items.
  • Changed: Proxies now get downgraded when the resulting rating is invalid. (#ASA2-23)
  • Fixed: Managed template "Flat_box_vertical" did not work with custom options (#ASA2-13)
  • Fixed: Managed template "Flat_box_vertical" had problems in Firefox with the hover effect (#ASA2-6)
  • Fixed: Optimizations for PHP 7.2 (function "each" replaced by "foreach") (#ASA2-7)
  • Fixed: PHP 7.3 improvements
  • Fixed: Conflict between the template "Carousel" and the picture slideshow in the other templates, if these were used together on one page.
  • Fixed: Templates bulk export did not work (#ASA2-15)
  • Fixed: Manged templates "Sortable_list_2" had problems displaying images on AMP pages.
  • Fixed: In rare cases and when using proxies it could happen that ratings greater than 5 were displayed. (#ASA2-23)

1.10.3 (2018-12-08)

  • Fixed: Issue with object cache (Serialization of 'SimpleXMLElement' is not allowed)

1.10.2 (2018-12-07)

  • Fixed: Added database patch executor for new table asa2_proxies

1.10.1 (2018-12-06)

  • Fixed: Added database selftest for new table asa2_proxies

1.10.0 (2018-12-06)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: WordPress 5 compatibility
  • Added: New search pattern algorithms to analyse the product ratings
  • Added: Support for proxy servers when analysing the ratings via cronjob
  • Added: ASIN usage report function for Repo items. Checks where an ASIN is used in posts and comments when used with [asa2] shortcodes.
  • Added: Country filter on the Repo overview page
  • Added: New Asa2_Cron_Ratings cronjob options "quantity" (To process more than one product per operation) and "pause" (to set a pause in seconds between the operations).
  • Added: Test to check for correctly installed template translations
  • Change: Repo listtable filter improvements
  • Change: New option for bash script: --php=... can be used to pass the local PHP executable to be used to run the script
  • Change: New option for bash script: --wp-load-path=... can be used to pass the path to wp-load.php in WP root in case WP core files are seperated from plugin directory
  • Change: Removed comments from mobile detect class which "Wordfence" mistakenly consideres a threat
  • Change: Improved placeholder {{ EditorialReviewsContent }} to prioritize content provided by Amazon
  • Change: Item names (like templates, collections, feeds...) are now allowed to contain a minus sign (-)
  • Fixed: Improved advanced ratings queue handling which in rare cases could lead to aborts in processing
  • Fixed: Minor CSS fixed in managed template Sortable_table_2
  • Fixed: Feed items have been transferred to the Repo although the option to disable this was set
  • Fixed: Default feed category was not set when feed items got stored in the Repo
  • Fixed: When filling the table asa2_ratings, a lock is set to prevent a job started in parallel from starting a second filling.
  • Fixed: Navigation elements of managed templates "Sortable_table" are translated now

1.9.2 (2018-07-25)

  • Fixed: Issue with database table patch for adding a new column for australian template translation (this could only in rare cases lead to errors)

1.9.1 (2018-07-22)

  • Added: API support for Australia
  • Added: Knowlegde Base search form on dashboard
  • Fixed: List table search did not work on admin pages
  • Fixed: Editor button did not appear for author role
  • Fixed: A problem where URLs on AMP pages were removed if the product title contained an umlaut
  • Fixed: In AMP mode, multiple tags had been created what was not AMP compliant. Now it's only one.
  • Fixed: Several managed templates got improved in terms of AMP compliance

1.9.0 (2018-05-14)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: Support for AMP pages. The managed templates are already prepared for AMP. (Read more)
  • Added: Local images feature. The images used in templates can now be downloaded to the local Media Library before delivering the page output to the visitor. (Read more)
  • Added: Log type filter. Gives the possibility to display certain log types only.
  • Added: Option "button max width" for managed template "Flat_box_horizontal"
  • Added: Smart collection option "cf" to be able to filter by custom fields (Read more)
  • Change: Redesigned options page. Improved usability through sidebar navigation.
  • Change: Logging refactoring
  • Change: Improved CSS of managed template "Flex_1"
  • Fixed: Improvements and fixes in managed templates "Image_Layout_1" and "Image_Layout_Polaroid"
  • Fixed: PHP warning: Missing argument 2 for asa2_default_error()
  • Fixed: Advanced ratings items to be skipped are filtered out before execution
  • Fixed: An error in template "Sortable_table" occured when the title column was disabled

1.8.1 (2017-12-20)

  • Added: New template "Flex_1" (Demo page)
  • Added: New rating stars layout
  • Change: PHP function asa2_i18n_get_store_safe_user_country_iso_code should not be used anymore. Use asa2_i18n_get_user_country_iso_code instead. (Read more)
  • Change: PHP function asa2_default_error should not be used anymore. Use asa2_log_default_error instead. (Read more)
  • Change: PHP function asa2_save_repo_item should not be used anymore. Use asa2_repo_save_item instead. (Read more)
  • Fixed: Managed Template "Image_Layout_1": Custom background color did not work, shortcode options did not work
  • Fixed: Managed Template "Image_Layout_Polaroid": Custom background color did not work, shortcode options did not work, custom title CSS did not work
  • Fixed: PHP function asa2_item_batch_lookup only worked with one country code
  • Fixed: PHP error: Call to a member function setCountryCode() on null in lib/Asa2/Service/Amazon/Response.php:134

1.8.0 (2017-11-23)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: New feature to display a single image selected from all available ones (accompanied by the new short code [asa2_img]) (Read more)
  • Added: New managed template for image feature: Image_Layout_1 (Demo page)
  • Added: New managed template for image feature: Image_Layout_Polaroid (Demo page)
  • Added: Option "lifetime" for feed refresh cronjob (Read more)
  • Added: Option "limit" for feed refresh cronjob (Read more)
  • Added: Option "verbose" for feed refresh cronjob to show new items (Read more)
  • Added: Information about cronjob execution in server environment output in section "Service"
  • Added: URL Replace. New feature to parse comments, posts and widgets for Amazon links set by visitors and replace other Tracking IDs with your own. Check "Options / URL Replace". (Read more)
  • Added: ASIN filter that removes all non-alphanumeric characters from ASINs and checks whether it consist of only 10 characters and an option to disable it (in options section "Advanced")
  • Added: Dynamic placeholder "post" which contains all the properties of the WP Post object which is present when an ASA2 template gets loaded, like {{ post.post_title }}
  • Added: Template cache option to consider Post ID when working with the new {{ post.* }} placeholder
  • Added: Placeholder {{ repo_url }} for Repo items keeping the full permalink of Repo items including the custom page slug
  • Added: New shortcode option "translation" to force the template translation
  • Added: New formats supported by URL Importer: Single ASIN, Search Page Result (Read more)
  • Changed: Improved cronjob execution
  • Changed: When a feed gets refreshed, its items will be transfered to the Repo what did not happen before
  • Changed: Updated managed template "Flat_box_horizontal" (new options to change links targets, handle products without image, layout fixes and more)
  • Changed: Updated managed template "Flat_box_vertical" (new options to change links targets, handle products without image, layout fixes and more)
  • Changed: Updated managed template "Carousel" (added option "img_min_height" to achieve same height for all slides)
  • Changed: Updated managed template "Vertical_box" (button layout fix)
  • Changed: Updated CKEditor (used for template editing) to version 4.7.3
  • Changed: Image tag created by ImageSetsArray|get now includes the product title as "alt" value (Read more)
  • Fixed: Default Associate ID set was not used on internationalized products if no associate_id_set option was set. The default set is now used even for single products that do not belong to the configured default store.
  • Fixed: Grabbing and saving the ratings did not work in some cases without the advanced ratings mode
  • Fixed: Parsing the ratings page now uses a cache to prevent unnecessary multiple requests

1.7.1 (2017-07-31)

  • Fixed: Improved responsive behavior of managed template "Carousel"
  • Fixed: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in lib/Asa2/Cache.php on line 38
  • Fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined variable: decrypted_string in lib/IfwAsa2/Util/Encryption.php on line 57
  • Fixed: Fixed and issue with template "Sortable_table"

1.7.0 (2017-07-18)

  • Teaser: See some of the new feature in this teaser video:
  • Added: Button to reset ratings queue in "Options / Ratings" (Read more)
  • Added: New managed template "Carousel" (Demo page)
  • Added: New managed template "Flat_box_horizontal" (Demo page)
  • Added: New managed template "Flat_box_vertical" (Demo page)
  • Added: New managed template "Sortable_table_2" (Demo page)
  • Added: New price placeholders containing integer values (without decimal mark) including the decimal places, e.g. {{ OffersMainPriceInteger }} (Read more)
  • Added: New logging option to limit the maximum amount of log entries (default 500) (Read more)
  • Added: New logging option to log API request URLs (Read more)
  • Added: On success, advanced ratings refresh automatically updates ratings values of repo items
  • Fixed: Advanced ratings processing could get blocked by not longer existing products
  • Fixed: Shortcode option "value" supported only one placeholder filter
  • Fixed: PHP 7 improvements
  • Fixed: Added support for OpenSSL to encryption methods as mcrypt is deprecated and will be removed in future PHP versions
  • Fixed: License check fixes / backend performance improvements
  • Fixed: Dashboard Repo stats did not exclude deleted / trashed items
  • Fixed: Advanced Ratings table sorting
  • Fixed: Some Spanish template placeholders have been corrected (thanks Cristian!)

1.6.1 (2017-01-03)

  • Fixed: Ratings database table was not created automatically on update

1.6.0 (2016-12-31)

  • Added: Advanced ratings handling (Read more)
  • Added: New cronjob dedicated to collect ratings (Read more)
  • Added: Option to use official add-to-cart buttons (Read more)
  • Added: New template variable: is_mobile (Read more)
  • Added: New template variable: is_mobile_not_tablet (Read more)
  • Added: New template variable: is_tablet (Read more)
  • Added: New option for managed templates to limit product description length (with appended "Show more" link) (Read more)
  • Added: New option for managed templates to limit the number of product features (with appended "Show more" link) (Read more)
  • Added: i18n option to use a custom title on all assigned products (Read more)
  • Added: New smart_collection option to filter for i18n products (Read more)
  • Added: Managed templates: Price disclaimer link next to the date of last update. Can be hidden via option.
  • Added: Support for shortcodes inside asa2 shortcodes
  • Changed: Managed templates: Moved date of last change next to the price as prescribed in API License Agreement
  • Changed: Improved managed template "Sortable_table"
  • Fixed: Smart_collection skipped i18n items

1.5.2 (2016-10-09)

  • Changed: Improved reviews parsing
  • Changed: Layout of managed templates has been improved if max width is used (for alignment)
  • Fixed: Layout of managed templates on mobile devices has been fixed

1.5.1 (2016-10-03)

  • Added: New filter option "country_code" for refresh cronjob
  • Fixed: Review parser log option did not work without cache log option being set
  • Fixed: Issue with replacing asa2 shortcode in post titles
  • Fixed: CSS fixes in managed templates Horizontal_box and Column_layout
  • Fixed: Repo items can now be ordered by country code
  • Fixed: Improved reviews parsing

1.5.0 (2016-08-29)

  • Added: New managed template option to show disclaimer text (Demo page)
  • Added: New managed template option for alignment (left, center, right, none) (Demo page)
  • Added: Support for featured image on Repo items (Read more)
  • Added: New option "Repo / Featured image fallback". Use Repo featured image if product has no image. (Read more)
  • Added: New option "Repo / Prefer featured image". Prefer the Repo featured image over the product image delivered by the API. (Read more)
  • Added: New managed template option to hide the price
  • Added: Repo search supports search for ASINs
  • Added: New option "Advanced / Cronjob event"
  • Changed: Moved options "Request limits handling" and "Max requests per second" to new options section "Advanced"
  • Changed: Improved responsive behavior on managed template "Sortable_table" (See options)
  • Fixed: Object cache improved (had issues with i18n products)
  • Fixed: Special characters in product title did not get escaped and could lead to HTML conflicts
  • Fixed: Bulk action below the list in Logs admin did not work

1.4.0 (2016-07-31)

  • Added: Support for WPML. (Read more) Demo:
  • Added: Support for advanced ACF custom fields, e.g. images
  • Added: New Repo filter to only show or exclude i18n products (Read more)
  • Added: New placeholder {{ OffersLowestCollectiblePriceAmount }} (Read more)
  • Added: New placeholder {{ OffersLowestCollectiblePriceCurrencyCode }} (Read more)
  • Added: New placeholder {{ OffersLowestCollectiblePriceFormattedPrice }} (Read more)
  • Added: New option to consider the lowest collectible price in placeholder {{ AutoPrice }}
  • Added: New option to hide the editor button
  • Added: New option to deactivate the Repo completely
  • Added: New option to always keep the backend pages in English
  • Added: Option to disable rating stars (Read more)
  • Changed: smart_collection option "main_price_between" does now use the AutoPrice value for filtering the collection results

1.3.5 (2016-05-27)

  • Added: Italian translation
  • Changed: AWS Secret Access Key can not be obtained through setup form source code any more
  • Changed: Improved responsive properties of managed template "Sortable_table"
  • Fixed: A bug in handling Associate IDs which contained dots.
  • Fixed: Default order in collection widget did not work
  • Fixed: Template cache run into an error if the content to be cached was just numbers (not a string)

1.3.4 (2016-04-17)

  • Fixed: Improved cache file directory handling in case the subdirectory "asa2" could not be created

1.3.3 (2016-04-09)

  • Added: Responsive flag to managed template "Sortable_table"
  • Added: New placeholders: {{ repo_category_slugs }}, {{ repo_tag_slugs }} containing the category and tag slugs of a repo item
  • Fixed: Issue with percent signs in product page URLs
  • Fixed: Issue with dots in Associate ID and short URLs
  • Fixed: Collections search on admin page did not work

1.3.2 (2016-03-20)

  • Added: Placeholder {{ MissingImageUrl }} (Read more)
  • Fixed: Feeds rendering improved
  • Fixed: Managed template "Columns_layout" improved for Firefox
  • Fixed: Improved slideshow rendering in managed templates

1.3.1 (2016-03-10)

  • Fixed: Custom Fields integration was broken (Read more)

1.3 (2016-03-05)

1.2.1 (2016-02-21)

  • Changed: Option "Load images via https" renamed to "Prepare for HTTPS" as it now cares about more than just image URLs.
  • Changed: Improved managed templates in terms of HTTPS handling.

1.2 (2016-02-14)

  • Added: Bulk URL importer feature for Repo items (see submenu ASA 2 Repo / Tools).
  • Added: "Mobile templates". Must be activated in "Options / Templates". Enables shortcode option "mobile_tpl" to define custom templates for mobile devices. (Read more)
  • Added: "alt" tag added to all img tags in managed templates.
  • Added: New option "Max slideshow items" to all managed templates with product image slideshows.
  • Added: New template option "Load jQuery". Use it in case special features of managed template did not work before, like the image slideshow. (Read more)
  • Added: Translation for product image slider in managed templates.
  • Changed: Shop page button in managed templates is now a link instead of a form like it was before.
  • Removed: Dependencies to PHP function set_include_path removed.
  • Removed: Dependencies to PHP function "parse_ini_file" removed. Config is now using a PHP array.
  • Fixed: Managed template "Sidebar" did append the image URL to the shop page URL.
  • Fixed: Executing the Repo refresh cronjob could produce a PHP Warning: "Cannot modify header information" if WP Super Cache was active.

1.1.1 (2016-02-01)

  • Added: New logging option to log errors related to the i18n feature
  • Fixed: Improved error handling in relation with the i18n feature, e.g. on issues with detecting the user's IP address

1.1.0 (2016-01-31)

  • Added: Single value rendering without template, e.g. [asa2 value="Title"]B0094J2BZ0[/asa2] (Read more)
  • Added: Migration Wizard. Migrates all ASA 1 contents (templates and collections) to ASA 2. (Read more)
  • Added: ASA 1 backwards compatibility. ASA 2 can now support [asa] and [asa_collection] shortcodes, the ASA 1 widget and ASA 1 PHP functions.
  • Added: New movie placeholders: {{ Subtitles }}, {{ SubtitlesArray }}, {{ SubtitlesHtmlList }}
  • Added: Associate ID Sets now work with every shortcode, not just with i18n products
  • Added: New Logging option "Time to keep" to protect against overloading the database.
  • Changed: Improved template error handling (more verbose log entries, exception handling on AJAX requests)
  • Changed: Improved image size of Amazon logos for better SEO results
  • Fixed: Placeholder {{ OffersMoreOffersURL }} could be empty for some products
  • Fixed: Added support for {$Languages} and {$Subtitles} to ASA 1 template converter
  • Fixed: Added rel="nofollow" to product images links in Managed Templates when they link to the shoppage

1.0.1 (2016-01-14)

  • Added: Image effect option for all managed templates: "Image links to shop page"
  • Added: Managed template "Sortable_list" has a new option to show a sortable column with the release date
  • Changed: Removed time from template placeholder {{ ReleaseDateBlogFormat }} (which always was 12:00 am). Now it only contains the date in blog format.
  • Fixed: Click on buy button could generate a warning message in some browsers if the site was connected via https
  • Fixed: Improved geo location IP address detection

1.0.0 (2016-01-10)

  • Release of public version 1.0
  • Changed: Managed templates updated

0.24.0 (2015-12-28)

  • Added: New shortcode option "disabled" (Read more)
  • Added: New option to display template rendering errors on front-end pages if logged in as admin (see: Options / Templates)
  • Added: Internationalization country mapping. Countries without Amazon store can now be mapped to those with store (see: Options / i18n).
  • Changed: Improved error logging for shortcode errors and invalid ASINs

0.23.3 (2015-12-17)

  • Changed: Managed templates update
  • Changed: Capabilities update

0.23.2 (2015-12-10)

  • Added: Capabilities to manage Repo terms
  • Fixed: Internationalized items did not work with smart collections

0.23.1 (2015-11-29)

  • Added: Smart collection orderby type "rating"
  • Fixed: Price information on Repo edit page
  • Fixed: Repo URL importer did not save categories and tags

0.23.0 (2015-11-22)

  • Added: New managed template "Sortable_table" (Read more)
  • Added: New smart collection orderby tpye "rating" to sort by customer reviews
  • Changed: Managed templates update
  • Changed: Cronjob cli output improved
  • Fixed: Smart collection options "is_available_main" did not work correctly

0.22.0 (2015-11-20)

  • Added: Custom capabilities to be able to delegate every ASA 2 feature to certain user roles

0.21.4 (2015-11-18)

  • Changed: Managed templates update

0.21.3 (2015-11-16)

  • Changed: Placeholder {{ FeatuesHTML }} -> {{ FeaturesHtmlList }}
  • Changed: Placeholder {{ LanguagesHTML }} -> {{ LanguagesHtmlList }}
  • Added: New options to customize title size and color for managed templates
  • Added: New image effect options for managed templates

0.21.2 (2015-11-13)

  • Added: Managed template "Music"
  • Fixed: Improvements in activation process

0.21.1 (2015-11-12)

  • Changed: Layout improvements for managed templates
  • Changed: Auto patching on version updates improved
  • Fixed: Shortcode [smart_collection] did not work with option "tracking_id" to set a custom tracking ID

0.21.0 (2015-11-10)

  • Added: Customizable templates: Some of the managed templates are now very easy to customize. Just click the "Customize" link and change the settings.
  • Added: New translations used in managed templates "Movie" and "Book".
  • Changed: Product Picker's template selection is sensitive for managed and list ready templates now. List ready templates will not show for single items. Managed templates will auto-check option "Use template name".

0.20.1 (2015-10-29)

  • Added: Taxonomy operator selection added to notification taxonomies (categories and tags)
  • Changed: Changed icon for product picker button on admin pages
  • Fixed: Notifications did not work with multiple tags

0.20.0 (2015-10-22)

  • Added: Product Picker now has the ability to sort results based on the category's sort options
  • Added: Product Picker search result shows if an item already exists in the Repo
  • Fixed: Template converter produced some faulty formatted placeholders
  • Fixed: Adding a Repo item which already existed, resulted in an endless loading animation

0.19.1 (2015-10-16)

  • Changed: Improved placeholder selection for copy and paste in template editor
  • Fixed: AJAX mode had issues when using special characters with shortcode option "comment"

0.19.0 (2015-10-11)

  • Added: Setup option to connect API via https
  • Added: Support for Amazon Brazil and Mexico
  • Changed: Old: {{ repo_content }} New: {{ RepoContent }}
  • Changed: Old: {{ repo_excerpt }} New: {{ RepoExcerpt }}
  • Changed: AJAX improvements
  • Removed: {{ WpUploadDir }}

0.18.0 (2015-09-30)

  • Added: Managed templates (Read more)
  • Fixed: Page title support
  • Fixed: Minor fixes and improvements

0.17.0 (2015-09-16)

  • Added: Added option Templates / Load images via https
  • Added: Placeholders {{ OffersAutoPriceAmount }}, {{ OffersAutoPriceCurrencyCode }}, {{ OffersAutoPriceFormattedPrice }} (Read more)
  • Added: Option "Custom empty price text"
  • Added: Mark HTML templates as snippets which will exclude them from template selection menus
  • Added: Support for Amazon India
  • Removed: Placeholders {{ OffersFallbackPriceAmount }}, {{ OffersFallbackPriceCurrencyCode }}, {{ OffersFallbackPriceFormattedPrice }} have been removed

0.16.0 (2015-08-27)

  • Security: Improvements in options and form handling

0.15.0 (2015-08-23)

  • Added: Option to remove feed items from Repo if they are not used in feeds any more
  • Fixed: Repo sorting for last refresh date

0.14.0 (2015-08-10)

  • Added: Template filter "gallery" for use with {{ ImageSetsArray }} ([Read more]
  • Changed: Using the first image in image sets, if no main product image is delivered by the API
  • Changed: Clear cache buttons in options panel
  • Changed: Renaming placeholder {{ RequestTimestamp }} New: {{ LastItemUpdate }}
  • Changed: Renaming placeholder {{ RequestTimestampBlogFormat }} New: {{ LastItemUpdateBlogFormat }}
  • Changed: Renaming placeholder {{ Features }} New: {{ FeaturesArray }}
  • Changed: Renaming placeholder {{ ImageSets }} New: {{ ImageSetsArray }}
  • Fixed: Bulk delete of default template showed success message although the default tempalte can not be deleted

0.13.0 (2015-08-02)

  • Added: Internationalized products
  • Added: Associate ID sets
  • Added: Template translations
  • Added: Error logging for template engine
  • Added: smart_collection order by "main_price"
  • Added: Reinstall presets templates
  • Changed: Feed sorting improved

0.12.0 (2015-06-23)

  • Added: Repo options to use Repo item pages publicly
  • Added: Placeholders: {{ OfferSalePriceAmount }}, {{ OfferSalePriceCurrencyCode }}, {{ OfferSalePriceFormattedPrice }}
  • Added: Option to render ASA 2 tags in RSS feeds
  • Changed: Ajax refactoring

0.11.1 (2015-05-29)

  • Fixed: Minor bugfixes

0.11.0 (2015-05-25)

  • Added: Search option "Sold by Amazon"
  • Added: Feed options: Add default category and/or feed name as category
  • Added: Option to disable cache when logged in as admin
  • Fixed: Search for similar products in product picker

0.10.0 (2015-05/03)

0.9.0 (2015-05-01)

  • Added: Support for parent products with variations (products with price range) (Read more)

0.8.1 (2015-04-22)

  • Changed: Multisite compatibility
  • Changed: Repo save requests get queued now to prevent duplicates on parallel requests (e.g. on ajax requests)
  • Fixed: Notification email rendering had a problem with counting results

0.8.0 (2015-04-16)

  • Added: Repo refresh cronjob: configure the allowed API request limits per second to prevent RequestThrottle issues

0.7.0 (2015-04-06)

  • Added: Product Picker redesign
  • Added: Product picker results show additional product properties
  • Added: Collections custom sort ID
  • Added: Select from two short URL formats
  • Fixed: Dashboard Repo overview mistakenly refreshed products

0.6.0 (2015-03-29)

  • Added: Notifications: Bulk activate/deactivate
  • Added: smart_collection options: has_small_image_url, has_medium_image_url, has_large_image_url. (Read more)
  • Added: AJAX CSS3 loading animations
  • Added: Support for short URL format. Activate in options globally or use shortcode option "short_url" (Read more)
  • Changed: Name of Repo refresh cronjob changed to "Asa2_Module_Repo_Cron_Refresh" (Read more)
  • Changed: Include name in single template export file
  • Fixed: Collections: Support for surrounding container in templates
  • Fixed: Copy collections
  • Fixed: Placeholder OffersTotalOffers now contains the sum of main, new and used offers. New placeholder {{ OffersTotalMain }}

0.5.0 (2015-03-26)

  • Added: Notifications feature (Read more)
  • Fixed: New version check

0.4.0 (2015-03-15)

  • Added: Sales rank support for smart collections (Read more)

0.3.4 (2015-03-12)

  • Fixed: PHP 5.2 workaround for DOMNodeList not implementing Traversable interface
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in page title support feature

0.3.2 (2015-03-09)

  • Changed: Refactoring for better support of PHP functions (Read more)

0.3.1 (2015-03-02)

  • Added: Product picker: "Get similar" link on API search result
  • Fixed: Product picker search result preview images did not show on hover due to z-index issue

0.3.0 (2015-03-01)

  • Added: Repo filter "Availability". Repo items now store data about their availability which can be used for filtering
  • Added: Repo links to shop, availability and reviews page
  • Added: New smart_collection options: "is_available_main", "is_available_new", "is_available_used". (Read more)

0.2.1 (2015-02-28)

  • Fixed: Error message during activation

0.2.0 (2015-02-25)

  • Added: Dashboard clickable invalid Repo items
  • Added: Repo filter Status Ok / Failed
  • Changed: Updated menu order

0.1.1 (2015-02-23)

  • Changed: Minor improvements
  • Fixed: WelcomePage

0.1.0 (2015-02-21)

  • Initial beta test release