1.16.8 (2023-04-24)

  • Added: Ajax option to disable request verification. This can be necessary when working with third party caching plugins
  • Added: Ajax option to show error messages in the front-end if logged in as admin
  • Added: Undocumented option item_page to documentation page of shortcode [asa2_keywords] (Read more)
  • Changed: The "Options" section has been completely revised
  • Fixed: If the ASIN in a shortcode was formatted, e.g. in bold, the output did not work
  • Fixed: Minor possible Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability

1.16.7 (2023-03-14)

  • Added: Option to hide price and max image size for managed templates Image_Layout_1, Image_Layout_Polaroid
  • Added: Support options for changing the position of the main menu items in case of conflicts with other plugins
  • Added: New option "Title max lines" for managed template Flex_1 through which the automatic line height can be adjusted
  • Fixed: Layout issues in managed template Image_Layout_Polaroid
  • Fixed: Image size issues in some managed templates
  • Fixed: PHP syntax issues

1.16.6 (2023-03-06)

  • Added: Link to placeholders page in product action links on product overview page
  • Changed: Custom Frontend CSS now gets included before the end of body (with action wp_footer)
  • Fixed: The "Show more" and "Show less" links used in some managed templates for limited display of features and description were not translated
  • Fixed: Removed references to deprecated code regarding the asa2_feed shortcode which could lead to fatal errors

1.16.5 (2023-02-26)

  • Added: New option "greater than 0" for CSV Shop Product Value "Available". This can be used for a column containing the number of pieces in stock where greater that 0 means available.
  • Added: New option for uploading MaxMind GeoIP2 Country database file which will be mandatory for using the i18n feature with the next major update (Read more)
  • Changed: Improved shop data synchronisation. Now showing reasons for invalid records
  • Changed: United Kingdom flag icons
  • Changed: Improved file size of image files used in some managed templates for better page load speed
  • Fixed: PHP syntax improvements
  • Fixed: Managed template Flex_1 did not show a product image if no large image version was available
  • Fixed: PHP Warning about undefined array key "price_type" and "price_type_label"
  • Fixed: Template translation for "pages" was missing
  • Fixed: Compatibility with PHP 8.0 + 8.1

1.16.4 (2023-01-09)

  • Fixed: Learn more button on collections admin page did not work as expected
  • Fixed: Unable to save Associate ID set values for PA API stores Belgium, Egypt and Saudi Arabia
  • Fixed: Unable to save template translation values for PA API stores Belgium, Egypt and Saudi Arabia
  • Fixed: The analysis of the product usage did not work correctly for products included by ID when called from the product overview

1.16.3 (2022-10-30)

  • Added: Support for Amazon PA API Belgium, Egypt and Saudi Arabia
  • Added: New option to adjust product title length in managed template Carousel
  • Added: Improvements for PHP 8.0 + 8.1
  • Added: Support for WordPress 6.1
  • Fixed: Image size issue with managed template Carousel
  • Fixed: The function to analyze the use of a product did not work with the product ID

1.16.2 (2022-08-06)

  • Fixed: The product data form fields for Amazon custom products were mistakenly hidden when in edit mode
  • Fixed: Data freshness indicator adjusted for custom products without API connection
  • Fixed: Some minor managed template issues
  • Fixed: Minor translation issues

1.16.1 (2022-06-18)

  • Fixed: A problem with the placeholder {{ LastItemUpdate }} where an invalid date format could cause a template not to be displayed

1.16.0 (2022-05-29)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: CSV file support for Shops (see Shop Data section) (Read more)
  • Added: Special support for data feeds (Read more)
  • Added: Cronjob Shop Data Sync to synchronize the shop's external CSV data (Read more)
  • Added: Copy product function
  • Added: [asa2] shortcode option "title" to overwrite the product title
  • Added: Smart Collection option "shop_id". Comma separated list of shop IDs to filter result by shops
  • Added: Option for custom title on product picker options tab
  • Added: Possibility to manually select a replacement product
  • Added: New placeholder option to remove unit prices
  • Added: Placeholders {{ ListPriceType }} and {{ ListPriceTypeLabel }} coming with EU Omnibus Directive from May 2022
  • Changed: Layout improvements for managed template "Robust"
  • Fixed: Problem running cronjobs when the command line environment was not recognized as such (#178)
  • Fixed: The displayed format of the Rest API Url in the service section was not correct for all servers. This has been optimized.
  • Fixed: Option "lifetime" for product update cronjob could not be reset with "0" when using via Rest API Url
  • Fixed: PHP 8 compatibility
  • Fixed: Issue with Smart Collection widget in WP's widget admin section
  • Fixed: Function to check for invalid ASINs was not prepared for using product IDs instead of ASINs
  • Fixed: Product update cronjob did not use default lifetime option if no lifetime was defined

1.15.7 (2022-02-06)

  • Fixed: Database error on Dashboard page when loading the product status metabox
  • Fixed: A rare PHP parse error that could occur in modules/Repo/lib/Model/Mapper/Repo.php:367
  • Fixed: Misrepresentation of the timestamp for the last connection test on the setup page

1.15.6 (2022-01-29)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: Availability status for custom products
  • Added: Item number for custom products
  • Added: Button to precalculate a replacement product
  • Added: Template option to add the value "sponsored" to the rel attribute of all outbound links (see Options > Templates > Front end)
  • Fixed: If i18n child products were saved in the frontend on first use, they were not assigned to the default store
  • Fixed: The form for importing collections was not displayed correctly
  • Fixed: Bulk export of collections did not work
  • Fixed: Custom empty price text did not work under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Removed border attribute from amp-img tag in some managed templates which is not allowed in AMP

1.15.5 (2021-12-01)

  • Fixed: PHP issue "Class ...ArrayFromPaApi4Xml contains 10 abstract methods ..." that occurred when products still had the PA API 4 XML data stored

1.15.4 (2021-11-22)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: A new feature to auto-replace not available products
  • Added: A button to open a product's i18n child edit page directly from the i18n meta box
  • Added: Option to sort smart collection by custom fields
  • Added: New placeholders for Amazon products: {{ BrowseNodeId }}, {{ BrowseNodeName }}
  • Changed: If i18n feature is activated, shortcode asa2_smart_collection will now exclude child products
  • Fixed: Item dimensions placeholders (width, height, length, weight)
  • Fixed: The form for creating new templates had an issue when the field for the default HTML code was empty
  • Fixed: Issue when using the original title of i18n products
  • Fixed: Number of total available products was calculated incorrectly (total main got overwritten by total new)
  • Fixed: Caching issues of shortcode [asa2_smart_collection] with custom products
  • Fixed: Function to reset i18n default country mappings did not work

1.15.3 (2021-10-20)

  • Fixed: The placeholder "repo_content" was handled incorrectly

1.15.2 (2021-10-17)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: Support for new PA API 5 values "CustomerReviews.Count" and "CustomerReviews.StarRating" to receive the ratings via API if your account is eligible for it
  • Added: Field "Manufacturer" for custom products
  • Added: Placeholder "repo_content" which stands for the product description text now supports shortcodes
  • Changed: Shortcode asa2_textlink now supports links of custom products and if no text is provided, the product title will be used automatically (Read more)
  • Fixed: Sort products by API status did not work (#165)
  • Fixed: Search index values for the PA API search function were not up to date in some cases
  • Fixed: Text links always used an short format for URLs. Now the official URL from the API is used if no short URL format is selected in the options

1.15.1 (2021-06-28)

  • Added: Option image_max_height for template "Robust" that applies in vertical mode on narrow screen widths
  • Added: New option for template "Robust" to decide whether to show the product ratings and number of total reviews or not
  • Added: Product list bulk action to convert Amazon PA API connected products to a custom products
  • Added: Option to define the calculation method for last update time of custom products (#157)
  • Added: Options "queue_id" and "proxy_id" for ratings cronjob (Read more)
  • Changed: Proxy server feature for ratings now uses a custom cURL approach if cURL is available which works more reliably
  • Changed: Reduced file size of icon sprite for rating stars to improve LCP. If the graphic is only needed for the rating stars, now only 9KB instead of 55KB need to be loaded.
  • Fixed: Minor issues with template "Robust"
  • Fixed: PHP error that could occur when emptying the products trash
  • Fixed: Storing the results of shortcode [asa2_keywords] did not set the default shop for the products
  • Fixed: Compatibility fix with plugin "Easy Table of Contents" (
  • Fixed: If shop logo was not set, Amazon logo was used
  • Fixed: The cronjob output did not work as expected on some systems
  • Fixed: Keywords preload cronjob did not write logging details for the dashboard cronjob metabox
  • Fixed: The warning "Probably invalid ASIN detected" was logged even though the ASIN was not used
  • Fixed: Image fixes for the AMP mode of some templates (#161)
  • Fixed: Improved AMP layout for several managed templates
  • Fixed: Improved handling of incorrect shortcodes. No API request if no ASIN is present. (#162)
  • Fixed: Username and password for proxy server were not set correctly
  • Fixed: PHP 8 fixes

1.15.0 (2021-05-01)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: Create other Affiliate Shops (Read more)
  • Added: Create Amazon products without PA API connection (Read more)
  • Added: Managed Template "Robust" that is set as default for new installations (Read more)
  • Added: Support for Amazon Poland
  • Added: Support for Amazon Sweden
  • Added: Products usage function supports search for "id" (#137)
  • Added: Keywords preloading function to avoid API requests on visitor access (Read more)
  • Added: New placeholders to distinguish the type of a product: {{ IsCustomProduct }}, {{ IsAmazonProduct }}
  • Added: New shop related placeholders: {{ BuyButtonText }}
  • Added: New placeholder {{ LoopIndex }} for list shortcodes (like [asa2_smart_collection] and [asa2_keywords]) that can show the position of a product within the list
  • Added: Misc new placeholder: {{ DisclaimerText }}, {{ AffiliateURL }}
  • Added: Option "id" for product refresh cronjob (Read more)
  • Added: Cronjob Wrapper class which can be used to run every ASA2 cronjob with WP Cron API (Read more)
  • Added: Cronjob REST API: Allows to use the cronjobs via URL (Read more)
  • Added: Placeholders for shop logo: {{ ShopLogoSmallURL }}, {{ ShopLogoSmallWidth }}, {{ ShopLogoSmallHeight }}, {{ ShopLogoMediumURL }}, {{ ShopLogoMediumWidth }}, {{ ShopLogoMediumHeight }}, {{ ShopLogoLargeURL }}, {{ ShopLogoLargeWidth }}, {{ ShopLogoLargeHeight }} (Read more)
  • Added: New product property "More Info URL" (text field) which can be used to link to another page with further product infos, e.g. a subpage with a dedicated product review. (Read more)
  • Added: New placeholder {{ MoreInfoURL }} which contains the "More Info URL" if set. The resulting button will not be shown on the target URL and can be disabled on other pages with the shortcode option more_info_button="false". (Read more)
  • Added: Product usage function supports shortcode [asa2_img]
  • Added: "Copy to Clipboard" links in section "TestSuite / Placeholders"
  • Added: A confirmation message when a product title is changed by swapping the ASIN
  • Added: Option "Default template language" with which you can define the language to be used for all templates, regardless of which country the products originate from or link to.
  • Fixed: Display problem with template "Carousel" if Flat_box_vertical align is set to "center" (#139)
  • Fixed: Compatibility of Product Picker CSS improved
  • Fixed: Managed templates "Image_Layout_1" and "Image_Layout_Polaroid" did not perform very well with narrow images. New option "min_width" was introduced.
  • Fixed: Managed templates AMP fixes, especially for the Flat_box_* templates
  • Fixed: Number of items per page did not work in some list tables
  • Fixed: Consistent margin thickness for template "Flex_1"
  • Fixed: Code issue in ISBN function which could lead to a PHP warning (T#1688)
  • Fixed: Database error when creating the proxy table (#149)
  • Fixed: Rare error when the LastItemUpdate placeholder contained the timestamp twice
  • Fixed: WP Multisite installation. Now also works when new sites are created after ASA2 has been activated.

1.14.0 (2020-10-03)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: API stats recording and widget. Use option "Logging / Record API stats" to activate it
  • Added: Client-side request limit handling to reduce "TooManyRequests" API error
  • Added: Repo function "ASIN usage" now supports collections (#121)
  • Added: Option to enter a custom price for Repo items
  • Added: Option to enter a custom rating for Repo items (#120)
  • Added: Option for price disclaimer default timestamp format
  • Added: Cronjob metabox in section "Service" which contains helpful information about cronjob setup
  • Changed: Updated managed templates to support custom price and rating
  • Changed: Increased the default Repo item lifetime from one to six hours to prevent unnecessary API requests for average use cases. Reduce it again if necessary.
  • Fixed: Placeholder {$CustomerReviewsURL} is working again
  • Fixed: Repo ASIN search did not work in some cases

1.13.6 (2020-08-16)

  • Fixed: An error that occurred when using ASA2's notifications, WP 5.5 and the plugin WPMailSMTP
  • Fixed: Line break issue with PA API requests on Windows servers (#118)

1.13.5 (2020-08-07)

  • Fixed: The unavailability of products was incorrectly calculated in the context of price variations (#125)
  • Fixed: The Repo status of products was set to invalid if the API request returned an error, even if it had nothing to do with the product. Pending a better solution, this behaviour is suspended for the time being.
  • Fixed: The price range for products with variations could not be calculated in all cases (#124)
  • Fixed: Keyword search did still not support {{ Brand }} placeholder 😉
  • Fixed: Avoiding an infinite loop when using the internationalization feature in combination with demo user

1.13.4 (2020-06-05)

  • Added: Shortcode option "id" which can be used to place a custom CSS id attribute on the outer container of managed templates (#111)
  • Fixed: The separation of the individual caches did not work correctly
  • Fixed: The display of images did not work in section "TestSuite / Placeholders".
  • Fixed: Keyword search did not support {{ Brand }} placeholder

1.13.3 (2020-05-14)

  • Fixed: Code changes to ensure compatibility with PHP 5.6 which is no longer officially supported. Please use at least PHP 7.1!

1.13.2 (2020-05-10)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: Support for Amazon Product Advertising API Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey, United Arab Emirates
  • Added: Image placeholders {{ MainImageURL }}, {{ MainImageWidth }}, {{ MainImageHeight }} (Read more)
  • Added: "Embed" link on repo articles to show some sample short codes for embedding
  • Added: Shortcode option "repo_id" to be able to bind a shortcode to a Repo item. Available for asa2, asa2_img and asa2_textlink
  • Added: Option "img" for shortcode [asa2] which lets you define an alternate main image (Read more) (#69)
  • Changed: The HTML code of the managed templates was simplified by outsourcing template logic to PHP preprocessors.
  • Fixed: If the lowest and highest variation price are identical, only one price is displayed (#83)
  • Fixed: Proxy hosts now also support names (instead of IP addresses) (#90)
  • Fixed: Managed templates "Horizontal_box", "Book", "Music" and "Movie" did not support Title shortening via option "title_length" (#93)
  • Fixed: The rendering of templates in category descriptions did not work (#95)
  • Fixed: Product Picker only loaded the first page of search results with API 5. Now page 1 - 10 works again. (#80)
  • Fixed: Template rendering issues with PHP 7.4 (missing whitespace) (#89)
  • Fixed: Managed tempaltes displayed the savings amount twice (because the content of the placeholder has changed with PA API 5)
  • Fixed: The URL importer automatically parsed the product ratings, which could lead to delays and aborts. This can now be activated optionally. (#99)
  • Fixed: Optimized CSS for managed template Carousel (#86)
  • Fixed: The price placeholders ...PriceAmount could contain a wrong value

1.13.1 (2020-03-08)

  • Changed: Standard version of the PA API set to 5, so that 5 is automatically selected for a new installations

1.13.0 (2020-02-28)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: Keyword Search Feature. Currently usable with the shortcut asa2_keywords. A GUI element will follow.
  • Added: Function to directly process an item in advanced ratings mode (link "Process now" in ratings table)
  • Added: PHP function "asa2_get_variations" to perform PA API 5 operation GetVariations
  • Added: New options section "Product Picker" to adjust the Product Picker's behavior
  • Added: Button to clear Associate ID sets cache which was missing so far
  • Added: Support for price variations with PA API 5. While in beta, activate option "Advanced / Handle price variations with PA API 5" to use it.
  • Changed: Improved managed template "Flex_1" compatibility with WP theme Twenty Twenty
  • Changed: Moved option "Hide managed in picker" from options section "Templates" to new section "Product Picker"
  • Changed: Improved managed template "Sortable_table_2" for mobile display
  • Fixed: Optimization of the log entry cleanup process that could lead to database deadlocks
  • Fixed: Logging option "Log API request URL" did not work with PA API 5
  • Fixed: Cache optimization for associate ID sets and template translations
  • Fixed: Placeholder {{ SalesRank }} contained an empty array with PA API 5 if no sales rank data was present. Now it contains null in that case.

1.12.5 (2019-11-26)

  • Fixed: Issue with Single Image feature. The first product image was not displayed with API 5. (#67)
  • Fixed: Issue with scale effect of managed template Flat_box_horizontal
  • Fixed: Proxy list was not sortable by date of addition

1.12.4 (2019-11-12)

  • Fixed: Improved compatibility with other plugins

1.12.3 (2019-11-11)

  • Changed: Setup form improved. The API connection test is now executed only once per hour
  • Fixed: Support for book placeholders {{ Author }}, {{ AuthorArray }}, {{ AuthorHtmlList }}, {{ NumberOfPages }}, {{ ISBN }}, {{ Edition }}
  • Fixed: PHP warning that could occur when encrypting the API secret key and license key

1.12.2 (2019-10-30)

  • Fixed: Improvements to avoid class conflicts with other plugins that also use PA API 5.0

1.12.1 (2019-10-23)

  • Fixed: Minor improvements regarding PA API 5.0

1.12.0 (2019-10-22)

  • Important Change!: In the course of the changes to support the PA API 5.0 a lot of code was changed and added. If you encounter problems or conflicts with other plugins during installation, please contact support (
  • New: Support for PA API 5.0 which is mandatory from November 2019 on. Check the PA API 5.0 Blog Post
  • Changed: Requires PHP 5.5. Please note that this version is already "End of life" (see supported PHP versions). Please upgrade to a current PHP version (currently at least 7.1)
  • Changed: Managed templates were checked and revised with regard to PA API 5.0 compatibility.
  • Fixed: When using the shortcode [asa2_img], the first image was not loaded if the "img" option was missing. (#52)
  • Fixed: Placeholders {{ LastItemUpdate }} and {{ LastItemUpdateBlogFormat }} were empty if item was loaded via API.
  • Fixed: An AMP CSS issue.
  • Fixed: Option "country_code" of the item refresh cronjob did not handle multiple country codes properly (separated by comma).

1.11.0 (2019-09-06)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: Support for WP Cron API for ASA2's product refresh cronjob (Read more) (#14)
  • Added: New option to debug cronjob execution
  • Added: New option to limit the feature text length for managed templates ("Feature text max length") (#38)
  • Changed: Dependencies updated for managed template "Sortable_table_2"
  • Fixed: The three points for shortening the description text with "Read more" link were no longer displayed (#41)
  • Fixed: Memory limit problem that rarely occurred when rendering templates (#42)
  • Fixed: Managed template option "custom_css" did not work as expected (#44)

1.10.8 (2019-07-14)

  • Fixed: Repo import did not work with search URLs (#33)
  • Changed: Improvements to the topic "RequestThrottled" (#35)
  • Changed: The URL format of text links is now adjusted to the format settings under "Options / Templates" (#34)

1.10.7 (2019-05-05)

  • Added: Function to import text list of proxies (host:port) (#ASA2-24)
  • Fixed: Issue with plugin AMPforWP (since caused fatal error on AMP pages (#ASA2-52)

1.10.6 (2019-03-20)

  • Added: Added a new option to set a fixed pause in seconds between two API requests when using the Repo items refresh cronjob in "Options / Advanced" (#ASA2-48)
  • Added: Added a new command line option "pause" for the Repo items refresh cronjob (#ASA2-48)
  • Added: Added a warning for the option to use shortened links because it can lead to partner program exclusion (#ASA2-45)
  • Changed: Repo option "Request limits handling" gets activated by default on new installations (#ASA2-46)
  • Fixed: Editor button now works in Gutenberg's "Classic" block (#ASA2-47)

1.10.5 (2019-03-03)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: New option "image size" for templates "Flat_box_vertical" and "Flat_box_horizontal" (#ASA2-33)
  • Added: New option for template "Flex_1" to show prime logo with price (default is on) (#ASA-28)
  • Added: New option "Custom CSS" for every every managed template
  • Changed: All templates now have the same options for price and affiliate link disclaimers and these are enabled by default
  • Fixed: A bug with "Flat_box_vertical" and "Flat_box_horizontal" alignment (#ASA2-29)
  • Fixed: The template "Flat_box_vertical" was not displayed 100% width on mobile devices (#ASA2-31)
  • Fixed: Price disclaimer popup flickered at Flat_box_* in combination with hover effect (#ASA2-44)
  • Fixed: "Flex_1" had some problems on AMP pages (#ASA2-38)

1.10.4 (2019-02-03)

  • Added: Product Picker preserves last result and settings (#ASA2-12)
  • Added: New option to hide managed templates from templates admin section (see Options / Templates) (#ASA2-16)
  • Added: New option to edit managed templates which can be used together with support to fix issues until they will be delivered with the next update (#ASA2-17)
  • Added: New option for "Reset queue" button to remove items from rating queue that no longer exists in the Repo (#ASA2-26)
  • Added: The repo usage option now also supports text links (#ASA2-27)
  • Changed: If new articles are saved in the repo (via frontend) and the advanced ratings mode is used, the articles are sorted at the beginning of the ratings queue. (#ASA2-1)
  • Changed: Improved managed template "Carousel": smoother loading and same height of slides.
  • Changed: New options for managed template "Flex_1" to achieve same height for all items.
  • Changed: Proxies now get downgraded when the resulting rating is invalid. (#ASA2-23)
  • Fixed: Managed template "Flat_box_vertical" did not work with custom options (#ASA2-13)
  • Fixed: Managed template "Flat_box_vertical" had problems in Firefox with the hover effect (#ASA2-6)
  • Fixed: Optimizations for PHP 7.2 (function "each" replaced by "foreach") (#ASA2-7)
  • Fixed: PHP 7.3 improvements
  • Fixed: Conflict between the template "Carousel" and the picture slideshow in the other templates, if these were used together on one page.
  • Fixed: Templates bulk export did not work (#ASA2-15)
  • Fixed: Manged templates "Sortable_list_2" had problems displaying images on AMP pages.
  • Fixed: In rare cases and when using proxies it could happen that ratings greater than 5 were displayed. (#ASA2-23)

1.10.3 (2018-12-08)

  • Fixed: Issue with object cache (Serialization of 'SimpleXMLElement' is not allowed)

1.10.2 (2018-12-07)

  • Fixed: Added database patch executor for new table asa2_proxies

1.10.1 (2018-12-06)

  • Fixed: Added database selftest for new table asa2_proxies

1.10.0 (2018-12-06)

  • Check the Update Blog Post
  • Added: WordPress 5 compatibility
  • Added: New search pattern algorithms to analyse the product ratings
  • Added: Support for proxy servers when analysing the ratings via cronjob
  • Added: ASIN usage report function for Repo items. Checks where an ASIN is used in posts and comments when used with [asa2] shortcodes.
  • Added: Country filter on the Repo overview page
  • Added: New Asa2_Cron_Ratings cronjob options "quantity" (To process more than one product per operation) and "pause" (to set a pause in seconds between the operations).
  • Added: Test to check for correctly installed template translations
  • Change: Repo listtable filter improvements
  • Change: New option for bash script: --php=... can be used to pass the local PHP executable to be used to run the script
  • Change: New option for bash script: --wp-load-path=... can be used to pass the path to wp-load.php in WP root in case WP core files are seperated from plugin directory
  • Change: Removed comments from mobile detect class which "Wordfence" mistakenly consideres a threat
  • Change: Improved placeholder {{ EditorialReviewsContent }} to prioritize content provided by Amazon
  • Change: Item names (like templates, collections, feeds...) are now allowed to contain a minus sign (-)
  • Fixed: Improved advanced ratings queue handling which in rare cases could lead to aborts in processing
  • Fixed: Minor CSS fixed in managed template Sortable_table_2
  • Fixed: Feed items have been transferred to the Repo although the option to disable this was set
  • Fixed: Default feed category was not set when feed items got stored in the Repo
  • Fixed: When filling the table asa2_ratings, a lock is set to prevent a job started in parallel from starting a second filling.
  • Fixed: Navigation elements of managed templates "Sortable_table" are translated now

1.9.2 (2018-07-25)

  • Fixed: Issue with database table patch for adding a new column for australian template translation (this could only in rare cases lead to errors)

1.9.1 (2018-07-22)

  • Added: API support for Australia
  • Added: Knowlegde Base search form on dashboard
  • Fixed: List table search did not work on admin pages
  • Fixed: Editor button did not appear for author role
  • Fixed: A problem where URLs on AMP pages were removed if the product title contained an umlaut
  • Fixed: In AMP mode, multiple