Flex_1 and Holiday Sale!

Written by Timo

Creator of ASA2

December 21, 2017

Flex_1 – ASA2’s brand new template!

The new ASA2 version 1.8.1 brings you an exciting new template. It specializes in displaying many products in a flexible column layout. For this purpose it uses the modern CSS3 technology Flexbox. It is completely responsive. It works excellently with Collections, Smart Collections and Feeds. Like every ASA2 template, it has many options for customizing the layout.

Live Example

This example uses the asa2_smart_collection shortcode to show 9 items (for 3 per line) stored in ASA2’s product repository which match the tag “movie” and are available on Amazon right now so we don’t lose any commission. It uses the dynamic shortcode options “max_row_items” and “max_width” to adjust the grid dimensions perfectly to the width of this blog post’s content column width. Check out the list of available options on the Flex_1 demo page.

Further information about Flex_1

Flex_1 Demo Page

Other updates from ASA2 version 1.8.1

Besides the new Flex_1 templates, the new style of rating stars has been added as you can see in the Flex_1 live example above.

Also the managed templates “Image_Layout_1” and “Image_Layout_Polaroid” which were introduced with the Single Image feature of ASA2 version 1.8 have received some improvements and fixes. The background color customization did not work with the old versions as well as setting custom options per shortcode. This has been fixed.

A few other small things have also been fixed. Check the changelog for all details.

Holiday Sale

Save 20% discount on all purchases in the ASA2 Shop. Use this code at the checkout:


It is valid until 31 December 2017.

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