ASA2 Update 1.21.0 brings support for Structured Data, Template Editor Themes and bug fixes

Written by Timo

Creator of ASA2

April 13, 2024

The new ASA2 update brings a function to automatically generate structured data for products and insert it into the page.

What is Structured Data and why is it important for my website?

Structured data for product websites is a standardized method of providing information about a website. It helps search engines such as Google to better understand what the content is about, thus improving the search experience.

Structured data, especially for e-commerce websites, is designed to structure and label product information such as reviews, prices, price ranges and availability. This allows search engines such as Google to display this information in search results, which is known as rich snippets. Rich snippets can increase the visibility and attractiveness of a website in search results, which in turn leads to a higher click-through rate (CTR)

Structured data is provided by schema markup, a generally recognized format for structuring data on the web. With this update, ASA2 supports the JSON-LD format for structured product data.

The use of structured data offers several advantages

  • Improving search engine optimization (SEO): Structured data helps search engines better understand the content of a website. This can lead to a higher click-through rate for a search result, which can ultimately improve the ranking of the website.
  • Easier indexing by Google: Google finds it easier to understand structured data compared to unstructured data and semi-structured data. The use of structured data in JSON-LD format is recommended by Google. ASA2 is using the JSON-LD format.
  • Avoidance of SEO problems: Unstructured data that leads to duplication is a no-no for SEO as it leads to different URLs for the same product. Structured data, on the other hand, provides a clear structure for search engines and users.

How can I integrate Structured Data for Products?

For included templates

Integrating Structured Data into your ASA2 template is very easy. With the included templates, you only need to activate the corresponding option, which you can find in the “Misc” section of the template options. ASA2 then automatically inserts the script block with the meta data at the end of the template.

For custom templates

If you create your own template, you can simply insert the structured product data using the placeholder {{ StructuredDataJsonLd }}.
Tipp: It is not only useful to insert structured data for a single product, but also for several products on one page. This improves SEO and increases the visibility and attractiveness of your website in the search results.


Editor Themes

Along with a facelift in some sections of the ASA2 admin area, an option to change the theme has been added to the template editor. Those who frequently work in the code of their own templates can now customize the display to their wishes.

Also the overall layout of the template editor page has been made clearer by sorting each editor under its own tab. This makes the page more compact and you don’t have to scroll as much.

ASA2 template editor themes

Minor improvements and bugfixes

  • The managed template Robust has been given a new option to provide box shadow information.
  • Also Robust got a new option to customize button padding in pixels while setting the default button padding to 10 pixels.
  • An issue with the buy button text got fixed.
  • An issue with the shop change drop down got fixed for Amazon products. Now you can change the shop of an Amazon shop to another one.
  • As always many minor PHP issues got solved.

All details can be found in the changelog.

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