ASA2 update 1.19.0 brings improvements for the Product Picker

Written by Timo

Creator of ASA2

November 21, 2023

Although the Product Picker already had a section for creating Smart Collections, this was not particularly useful, as apart from a search term, all other options had to be entered manually. This was particularly cumbersome when filtering products by categories or tags, as you had to search for the exact names of the categories or tags yourself.

Now there are two selection boxes in which you can select one or more categories or tags. ASA2 then creates the appropriate shortcode option for you depending on your selection.

Help for creating shortcodes for the keywords function was also missing until now. A new section for the keywords function has been created in the product picker where you can enter the search terms. In the final step, there are also some specialized filters to choose from, such as the sort order for the keywords function.


A problem with Smart Collections was identified and fixed. The use of hierarchical categories (categories with subordinate categories) as filters has not yet worked as expected.

All details can be found in the changelog.

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