ASA2 update 1.18.0 brings support for merchant information

Written by Timo

Creator of ASA2

October 21, 2023

Merchant information

The templates now have a switch to display the merchant information. You can find it in section “Price” of the template customization options. Depending on the terms of use of the respective online shop, this information may be obligatory.


This is supported for Amazon products as well as for custom products of other shops.

For other stores, you can assign the new product value “Merchant” during data synchronization.

For your own templates, these new placeholders are available for this purpose:

Forwarding link to Amazon for the keywords function

There is a new option for the asa2_keywords shortcode that makes sense in conjunction with the “browse_node_id” option. It is called “browse_node_id_append_link“. If it is enabled, a link with tracking ID will be set to the Amazon category after the product results. If there is no suitable product in the selection, this link will encourage the visitor to look for more options directly on Amazon.

Example Shortcode

This is the result for the shortcode shown above:

Timezone for last product update timestamp

With the last update, the handling of the timestamp of the last successful product update was changed. Thereby, the timestamp was displayed in the templates in UTC format by mistake. With this update this error is fixed. Now the time zone configured in the blog is used as default.

If you don’t want to use the blog time zone for the timestamp in the ASA2 templates, you can configure a different time zone in section “ASA2 > Options > Templates”.

For this purpose, there is a new placeholder that is used in all managed templates and automatically takes into account the format and time zone of the last update:

  • {{ LastItemUpdateTimezone }}

Learn more about it in the online doc of the placeholder LastItemUpdateTimezone.


There are also several solved problems.

  • The shortcode [asa2_textlink] did not include the tracking code for URLs of custom shop products.
  • The ratings value of shop data was not treated on import. Now it is getting rounded to no more than one decimal place.
  • The AMP mode of the managed templates did not work if the page URL was not rewritten as expected. Now also works with “?amp=1”.
  • Activated product debug option caused auto updates in product overview
  • Time of the last product update was displayed in UTC


All details can be found in the changelog.

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