First ASA2 update in 2022 brings some improvements and preparations for the next big feature update

Written by Timo

Creator of ASA2

January 29, 2022

I hope all ASA2 users have started the new year 2022 well. This year will also be exciting for us, because the new feature for synchronizing external shop data will be available soon. Then it will finally be possible to work reasonably with other stores besides Amazon.

Today’s update 1.15.6 releases all the improvements and new features that have accumulated since the last version in December.

Custom Product Availability

In preparation for the new store feature, we can now store availability and an item number for custom products.

For Amazon products, we now have a button to pre-calculate the replacement product.

rel Attribute “sponsored”

There is a new option in the “Options / Templates” section to add the rel attribute “sponsored” for all outbound links. This is recommended by search engines, but is not mandatory.

rel attribute sponsored


  • When products used for ASA2 internationalization feature were first used / loaded via frontend, they were not assigned to Amazon store as default.
  • There were a few small bugs in the admin section for Collections. The import form was not displayed correctly and the bulk export did not work as expected.
  • A custom text for non-existent price information was not used in certain circumstances.
  • In the AMP version of the included templates, the “border” attribute on the “amp-img” tag has been removed because it is not AMP compliant.

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