ASA update 1.16.5 released

Written by Timo

Creator of ASA2

March 5, 2023

A few days ago the ASA2 update 1.16.5 was released.

Internationalization feature (i18n)

One of the main changes in the new version is related to the internationalization feature (i18n). This works with an IP address database to detect the origin of the visitor. The size of this database is increasing and is now about 5 MB. Since ASA2 used to deliver this file directly with the installation, the installation archive got bigger and bigger and exceeded the critical size of 8 MB. This is critical because on many web servers the default limit for file uploads is 8 MB. This causes problems every now and then when new customers cannot upload the ASA2 installation file.

With this update, a way to upload the MaxMind GeoIP2 Country database independently has been created. This has two advantages: The file no longer has to be included, which makes the installation archive smaller, and you can also update the database separately from ASA2 updates and thus keep the IP addresses up to date on a regular basis.

After the update, the i18n feature will continue to work as before. However, for those who use it, it is strongly recommended to set up the MaxMind GeoIP2 Country database, as it will no longer be included with the next ASA2 update. The database is free, only a free MaxMind account is required. The process is explained in the online doc: Providing MaxMind GeoIP2 Country database

Improved Shop Synchronization

When synchronizing external shop data based on CSV files, e.g. for shops, several improvements have been made. For example, there is now meaningful feedback on data records that could not be processed. In addition, there is a new setting “greater than 0” or “> 0” for the “Availability” value. This is helpful when the number of products in stock is delivered in the external data.

Learn more about using external shop data with ASA2.

Managed Templates

In the Flex_1 template, the handling of the image size has been optimized. Previously, no image was displayed if there was no large version. Now the medium version is used in this case. In the book template, the text for the number of pages was not translated, which was fixed. Also, all graphics used in the templates have been optimized in terms of file size to improve loading speed.

Further optimizations

  • The flag for the UK store was changed
  • A PHP warning was removed
  • Further improved the overall compatibility with PHP 8

The complete ASA2 update history can be found in the changelog.

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