Shutdown of Amazon PA API 4. Now for real!

Written by Timo

Creator of ASA2

February 15, 2020

After the date has been postponed twice already, it can be assumed that Amazon will make the current date of 9 March 2020 come true and switch off the PA API 4 at that time. The first scheduled date was the end of October 2019. Since Amazon communicated this at the beginning of September, this date seemed to be very unrealistic to most people. Because many users probably complained about the short-term character, the date was postponed to February 11, 2020. However, this date was also postponed and now it seems that March 9, 2020 will be taken seriously. At least that is what the e-mail sent by Amazon a few days ago says:

You may continue to use both PA API 4.0 and PA API 5.0 without disruption until 9 March 2020. After that date, we will deprecate PA API 4.0.”

No worries for ASA users

For us as ASA users there is no reason to worry. Both ASA2 and ASA1 have been supporting the new PA API 5 since the end of October 2019, so you should switch to the PA API 5 by the beginning of March at the latest. You can do this in both plugins on the setup page. In this article you will find out everything you need to know for this step: Upgrading to PA API 5

New ASA2 update will be released very soon!

The new ASA2 version 1.13.0 will also be released in February, with further adjustments and optimizations to PA API 5. For example, price variations will then be supported again.

Perhaps even more exciting is a new feature that also comes with the new version: The keyword search feature. It brings the new shortcode [asa2_keywords] which lets you directly display the result of a product search.

By combining its numerous options, you will achieve a result that is perfectly tailored to your purpose and which gets renewed automatically. To get a first impression of the possibilities, you can already have a look at the keyword search documentation page.

As always, many small detail improvements are included in the update, such as the optimization of most of the included managed templates. Find out more in the blog post about the update very soon.

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