ASA2 Service Update 1.10.4

Written by Timo

Creator of ASA2

February 11, 2019

The new ASA2 Update 1.10.4 brings many minor improvements and bugfixes. Here is an overview.

Improved Template Customization

The customization window of the included managed templates has been completely revised. The options are now divided into categories to get a better overview. There is also an example of how to use each option in a shortcode.


Improved Managed Templates

Flex_1“: This template has received many improvements to present all products in the same height. In addition, you can now adjust the number of columns to be displayed on different screen sizes.

Carousel“: The initial loading now looks smoother and the display of all products at the same height has been improved. Also, a conflict with the slideshow that occurred when other templates were used on the page was fixed.

Flat_box_vertical“: Shortcode options are now processed correctly again. The hover effect has been corrected for Firefox.

Sortable_list_2“: A problem with displaying images on AMP pages has been fixed.


There is a new option to hide the Managed Templates in the administration area, which is useful for those who do not use any of these templates.
In the options section “Advanced” there is a new option that allows to edit managed templates. This should only be used in the context of a support request to solve a display problem, as these changes would be overwritten with the next update.
The option “Reset queue” of the Advanced Ratings mode can now also delete articles from the queue that no longer exist in the repo.


ASA2 has been further optimized for PHP 7.2, among other things all occurrences of the outdated function “each” have been replaced by “foreach”.
ASA2 was also optimized and tested for the new PHP version 7.3.

Ratings / Proxies

In rare cases, the use of proxies resulted in a rating higher than 5. From now on, proxies are downgraded in such cases.
If a new product is saved in the repo, it will be sorted at the top of the ratings queue when using the Advanced Ratings mode.

Product Picker

The Product Picker now remembers the last settings and search results and displays them the next time you open it, e.g. when managing collections, which saves you having to enter them again.

Minor Fixes

The function for analyzing the use of repo articles now also supports the asa2_textlink shortcode.
The bulk export for templates has been fixed.


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