ASA2 Service Update 1.10.5

Written by Timo

Creator of ASA2

March 3, 2019

Version 1.10.5 of ASA2 is available and brings a lot of optimizations of the included templates.

Unified disclaimer options for all templates

Price Disclaimer

The options for the price disclaimer and the indication of the affiliate link were previously not available for all templates or were not uniform in their function. This is now guaranteed for all templates. In the template options you will find the option “Show price disclaimer” in section “Price”, which is activated by default and shows the time stamp next to the product price.

It is strongly recommended that you enable this option to comply with the Amazon Affiliate Program terms and conditions. I know of a few cases in which users were excluded from the program because they did not sufficiently indicate the date of validity of product prices.

Affiliate Link Disclaimer

In addition, the option to display the affiliate link disclaimer in the template has been unified for all templates. It can be found in the template options in section “Misc”. In addition to the asterisk, the disclaimer text can now also be displayed in each template. The extended variant is standard and also recommended to be on the safe side.

New Template Option “Custom CSS”

Additionally, there is now the new option “Custom CSS” in every template, which makes it possible to store individual CSS specifications within a template. This is update safe and lets you add your individual layout to the managed templates beyond the given options. This CSS will only be embedded once on a page, even if the template is displayed multiple times.

Alignment fixes

With the last update the alignment of some templates was changed to the disadvantage. This was corrected with the new version. In addition, for the templates “Flat_box_vertical” and “Flat_box_horizontal” there is now a new option to choose the image size between “Small”, “Medium” and “High”.

Other improvements

  • The template Flex_1 now has the option to display the prime logo next to the price.
  • The table templates “Sortable_table” and “Sortable_table_2” have been optically revised to achieve a more compact view. For example, the product title can now be reduced to one line to avoid bloating the height of a table row.
  • Price disclaimer popup flickered at “Flat_box_*” templates in combination with hover effect
  • Flex_1” had some problems on AMP pages which have been fixed.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write a comment or create a support ticket.

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